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DecoMat'Pro: Layered Polished Concrete - Trowelled Concrete - Indux - Metalix - responds to all the requirements of your clients looking for decorative concrete (walls, floors, showers, bathrooms, countertops, kitchens, terraces, italian showers, stairs etc...), be it in dry or humid rooms, indoors or outdoors, for your projects in trade centres, restaurants, offices or houses.

Decorative finishing coating DecoMat'Pro is accessible for all the professional decorators without any special equipment.

Our partnership with Vermillon Training Centre

gives to demanding and motivated applicators  a possibility to improve their technical skills in application of decorative products.

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Developped together with professional applicators of decorative concrete,

DecoMat'Pro combines technical qualities with simplicity of application and has deserved credit in numerous construction projects over the years.

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INDUX: hardness at the upper limits  according to the French and European Standard NF EN 13813:2002


180,000 m² made with

TROWELLED CONCRETE. Ideal for bathrooms, showers, but also for floors of small and average areas.


Cold Metallisation process can be applied on various types of surface due to concentration of metallic particles in the product.

DécoMatPro in Revue Technique du Batiment (Specialised Magazine) 2013

Overview in Revue Technique du Bâtiment  (Technical Buildings Magazine)

Accédez en un clic à la présentation de la gamme Chantiers DécoMat Pro : bétons cirés décoratif (coulé et spatulé), Metalix, le procédé de métallisation à froid.

DécoMat'Pro is a brand of decorative concrete, (Layered Polished Concrete) for professional applicators. Decomat' Pro manufactures two types of products: Trowelled Concrete and Concrete Look Seamless Floor. Both of these two types are offered in a wide range of colours. You can find both Trowelled Cocrete and Concrete Look Seamless Floors for professional applicators at our distributors', online on e-commerce website or by phone at our distance selling service. You can also find trowelled concrete - concrete look seamless floors - primers for preliminary concrete preparation - protection products - sealers from our shop online. Our Training Centre for Layered Polished Concrete and Decoration offers various modules for beginners as well as for professionals. Familiarise or polish up your knowledge of- layered polished concrete - trowelled concrete - concrete look seamless floors - fresh application or renovation of decorative concrete.

Legal Notice - Company Name : SARL BEES - Headquarters : BP11 - 326 RD 10 - 13126 Vauvenargues - Legal form: Limited Lability Company - Capital: 650.000 €

N° VAT FR 60480184928 - Siret Code: 480 184 928 00012 - Economic acitivity code: 7022Z - Director: Mr GRINDEL Xavier - CNIL: 1771801

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Accédez en un clic à la présentation de la gamme Chantiers DécoMat Pro : bétons cirés décoratif (coulé et spatulé), Metalix, le procédé de métallisation à froid.


Offering a chart of 100 colours DécoMat'Pro does not exclude an option of creating personalised colours for large-scale or continuous projects.


Professional Training Centre Vermillon based in Aix-en-Provence offers application training courses for professionals in groups of 6 people.

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